Private transfer Villajoyosa - Alicante Train Station

Alicante train station transfer connects to the beautiful resort of Villajoyosa.

Villajoyosa is a pretty coastal town, just a few minutes south of Benidorm. La Vila Joiosa literally means Joyful Town, although the inhabitants often abbreviate it to La Vila . It has over three kilometers of beaches, including La Platja Centre (Central Beach), close to the city centre. The river Amadario runs through La Vila.

Once you arrive on your Alicante train station transfer you will see that it is famous as the home of Valor chocolate, Villajoyosa is a sixth century town, and a popular tourist destination as it makes a nice change from the bustle and noise of Benidorm. Stretching for several miles along the coast, with beautiful sandy beaches and a small fishing harbor, Villajoyosa is small enough to walk around yet has lots of things to see and do.

Villajoyosa is famous for its lines of colorful, tall houses. These are the original fishermen’s houses that were always painted bright, multi-colors so, if the fishermen got lost coming back into land, they could see the colorful houses from a long distance.

For your Alicante train station transfer once you leave the train, proceed to the arrivals hall and immediately on your left you will see a restaurant called CAFESTORE. Our guide / driver will be waiting for you outside this establishment with a Beniconnect sign, where you will be directed to where your uniformed driver and vehicle are waiting to transfer you to your chosen destination in Villajoyosa.


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