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For private transfers: The exact address details (street name, number, postcode) of your accommodation will be requested at a later stage while making your booking. For shuttle services: While making your booking you'll be asked to select your hotel from a drop-down list which shows all the hotels which we can take you to. We only provide shuttle services to the hotels/apartments shown on that list, the drop off and collection point may not also be at the door of the accommodation, however this will be within walking distance. If you cannot find your hotel on the drop-down list, you can always book a private door-to-door transfer so that the driver can take you directly to your accommodation.
For our private services of 1-8 passengers child seats are obligatory, if you are not able to bring your own then they can be added to your booking in our " EXTRAS " section, we can provide seats for weights from 0-15KG and 15-25KG. For our shuttle service or larger private service the seats are not obligatory, however for children 15-25KG they can also be added in the " EXTRAS " section should you wish.
Beniconnect offer an exclusive service for late bookings on request within the 48 hour cut-off period. This is always subject to availability and carries an administration fee. (per booking).
Customers with reduced mobility now have the option to add Electric Wheelchairs/Scooters to their booking in our ¨Extras¨ section within the booking process. Please note that we can only accept if they are packed in boxes that weigh no more than 20kgs.
Hand hygiene: Drivers should wash their hands regularly. They will use hydroalcoholic gel during their work day. The hand sanitizer should also be offered to passengers of each service. - Mask: All drivers must wear a mask. Masks are also compulsory for all passengers over 5 years old. - Vehicle cleaning: Drivers will disinfect the vehicle after each service by cleaning door handles, seat belts, armrests, window buttons, and other areas with antiseptic material. - Social distance: Drivers will ask customers if they need assistance with luggage. If this is the case, drivers will wear protective gloves and disinfectant fluid. In addition, shaking hands with passengers and other forms of physical contact will be avoided in any case. - Transfer conditions: Due to the low number of flights during the first weeks, we will have to combine some of our transportation services. Therefore, both waiting times, which may be somewhat longer than usual, and the number of additional stops in some of our shared services may be affected. We ask that you inform your customers of these possible changes, although we will to affect the least possible. - Local, national and international regulations: The collaborators will comply with any local, national and international regulations that affect them, as well as the guidelines of the World Health Organization regarding land passenger transport.
If you have received your booking confirmation then it is not neccesary to reconfirm a collection time as you will be collected when you arrive.
Yes we accept mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs and ordinary wheelchairs on our private services. In order that we provide the type of vehicle that best suits your needs please complete your requirements in the 'Extras' section whilst making your reservation.
Yes, we are very pleased to say that we can carry pets on our private services. The pet must not exceed 15 kg in weight. For our private services the pet must be in the correct animal carrier maximum measurements 68x51x47cm and can travel with you in the vehicle. Please note that your pet will be counted as occupying a seat. Also, you MUST add your pet in our ‘EXTRAS’ section within the booking process. Should your pet weight more than 15 kg then contact our resort office who will be only too pleased to advise you of availability.
You can cancel any of your transfer journeys or your entire booking by contacting our reservations department. Transfer service cancellations received with more than 48 hours notice are refunded in full. No refund is paid for cancellations received less than 48 hours before the transfer time. Please have your reference number to hand. If you have not booked directly with Beniconnect then you must contact the agency with whom you made the booking as you can only make the cancelation with the company you booked with
You can contact us on the telephone numbers provided (+34) 965 850 790 - or + 44 (0) 1273037952 , by email on : or on our website. We also have a live chat facility.
You can make changes to your booking by contacting our reservations team either by email or telephone, as long as it's at least 48 hours before your transfer. These changes will be free of charge. If the changes you wish to make incur extra charges or your transfer is happening in less than 48 hours they will be subject to availability. Please have your reference number to hand if you require to make changes to your booking. If you have not booked directly with Beniconnect then you MUST contact the agency that you made your booking with as only they are permitted to make changes.
Your departure pick up time CAN ONLY BE CONFIRMED THE DAY BEFORE DEPARTURE BY ANY OF THE FOLLOWING METHODS. This will be emailed to the email address provided at the time of booking or to your Hotel / reception the day before travel, you can also confirm by - Visiting and entering your booking reference number: 181010a2dcpg Calling +34 965 850 790: press 2 and follow instructions using your pick up code: 29925 Checking your hotel/aparthotel notice board or with reception. Calling our office, between 10:00 hrs and 21:00 hrs. PLEASE NOTE that you may have to wait in a queue to speak to one of our agents.
Should this happen it is more than likely that your flight option does not fall into our operating hours for us to offer you a shuttle service. Please contact the Beniconnect office by phone, CHAT or email ( )so that we can assist you.
If you have not received your booking confirmation please contact us as soon as possible, this could be due to an error on your email address
YES, as this would be a tailor made transfer please email us on : and we will be able to offer you a transfer.
Your comments and suggestions are valuable to us, please send us your opinions.
Please contact our reservations team and we can see if this has been located. Any items left on our vehicles will need to be collected from our main office in Benidorm, this can also be done via a courier if you are unable to collect the item. Beniconnect can not be held responsible for items left on the vehicles.
Beniconnect will always take the currency of Euros. You here have two options if paying with a foreign card: once you enter your card details you will be offered an exchange rate, you can accept this exchange which is the exchange rate of Beniconnect or you can cancel the exchange and your own bank will process the calculation.
If you arrive late due to a delayed aircraft, although every attempt will be made to provide your original service given the minimum waiting time, you may on rare occasions have to wait until the next available service departs the airport as we cannot always hold back vehicles. You will always receive a service , however, flight delays are beyond our control and can interrupt the transport arrangements.
Our shuttle service does not run on a set schedule, we ask you to make your booking stating your flight time and then we organise the service around you and other passengers travelling at a similar time.
You can bring 1 bag or medium size suitcase per passenger seat in the vehicle selected, and one piece of hand luggage such as a handbag or small bag (camera or laptop bag or similar). Carry-on cases are considered to be suitcases rather than hand luggage. If you wish to bring any extra items, you will be able to select these whilst completing the booking. If you are in any doubt as to whether your luggage will fit in the vehicle, we strongly recommend you to upgrade to a larger one in order to ensure that you have a comfortable and stress-free journey.
Payment in full is required at the time of booking.
If there is a group of you, maybe friends or family then this is a brilliant way to travel with a vehicle reserved just for you at the best possible rates available considering the service you receive.Once through the arrivals hall, out to the vehicle and away, no valuable holiday time wasted, your departure times etc will be confirmed to you in writing .on your arrival therefore no need to even think about having to check any arrangements during your stay.
On our website, the section dedicated to each of our services, you can find in detail all the points where we stop.
For transfers from the airport, you should proceed to the meeting point specified on your booking voucher, where your driver or a representative will be waiting for you. For transfers to and from the train station, you should proceed the meeting point specified on your booking voucher, where your driver or a representative will be waiting for you. For transfers from your accommodation, the driver will wait for outside the specified meeting point on your voucher.
We accept all types of credit/debit cards except AMERICAN EXPRESS

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