Private transfer Xeraco Playa - Valencia Train Station

Valencia Train Station transfer connects to the main tourist town of Xeraco Playa.

Xeraco Playa is a resort located in the Valencia Region, in the south of the province of Valencia and in the region of La Safor. It lies 56 km from the city Valencia and only 5 km from Gandia.

One of Xeraco’s most notable features is its extensive beach, measuring some 3km in length. It enormous natural dune ridges and clean waters make it one of the province of Valencia’s highest-quality and most peaceful beaches. Xeraco Village also offers different monuments of historical interest, such as the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation, the Guaita Tower, Cistern and the Chapel of Holy Christ of Agony.

Guaita Tower is one of the emblems of Xeraco. Located on the right bank of the River Vaca, in an area called “El Gorg”, the area where the river is at its widest and deepest. It is about two kilometres from the beach. It was built in the 16th century as a surveillance and maritime defence for the Kingdom of Valencia.

For your Valencia train station transfer once you leave the train, our driver will be waiting for you with a Beniconnect sign, where you will be directed to where your vehicle are waiting to transfer you to your chosen destination in Xeraco Playa.

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