Private transfer Xativa/jativa - Valencia Train Station

Valencia Train Station transfer connects to the main tourist town of Xativa/jativa.

Xativa also known as Jativa is a town in eastern Spain, in the province of Valencia, on the right bank of the river Albaida.

It is the birthplace of two popes, Callixtus III and Alexander VI. It suffered a dark moment in its history at the hands of Philip V of Spain, who, after his victory at the Battle of Almansa during the War of the Spanish Succession, had the city besieged then ordered it to be burned and renamed San Felipe. In memory of the insult, the portrait of the monarch hangs upside down in the local museum of l'Almodí.

Xàtiva’s castle, which clasps to the summit of a double-peaked hill overlooking the old town, offers sensational views. You’ll find flower gardens , tumbledown turrets, towers and other buildings, such as dungeons and a pretty Gothic chapel.

Take the Calle Corretgeria staircase down to the beautiful market square area. Calle Montcada is another interesting area where building facades are decorated with coats of arms, honouring noble families.

For your Valencia train station transfer once you leave the train, our driver will be waiting for you with a Beniconnect sign, where you will be directed to where your vehicle are waiting to transfer you to your chosen destination in Xativa/jativa.

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