Private transfer La Romana - Valencia Train Station

Valencia Train Station transfer connects to the main tourist town of La Romana.

La Romana is a small village in the Valencian region in Spain. It is located in the foothills of the Serra del Reclot. This hill is at few kilometres from Alguena and it lies to the southern end of the Spain. The basic meaning of La Romana is ‘The Roman One’.
There is magnificent rural area all around the village. Here you can find almond orchards and vineyards. Also there are numbers of mines of marble and limestone in the village. You will be astonished to find various cave dwellings around the city. These caves are still used by people as these have been modified in the form of modern homes.
A must to visit Altos de Chavon village is a commotion of scenic views, art galleries, quaint shops, streets, clubs, national park and cultural hotspots. Adding charm to this picturesque village are the scenic views of the river across the cobblestone streets. Apart from churches and the amphitheater, the place is a great delight for chocolate lovers. An old museum showcasing old artifacts and many other interesting places to visit, definitely make your trip worthwhile.

For your Valencia train station transfer once you leave the train, our driver will be waiting for you with a Beniconnect sign, where you will be directed to where your vehicle are waiting to transfer you to your chosen destination in La Romana.

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