Private transfer La Eliana - Valencia Train Station

Valencia Train Station transfer connects to the main tourist town of La Eliana.

La Eliana is located in the metropolitan area of Valencia and on the left of the River Turia, 15 km from the city.
Its historic buildings include the Old Hermitage of St. Elias and Saint Ann, “La Masía del Pilar”, the “Luna” Mill, the Tower of the Viceroy, the parish church and the remains of the palace of the Marquis Casa Ramos. The Entrepinos residential development has access to the forest of La Cañada, of great interest as a tourist attraction that is ideal for jogging, cycling and walking. It also has 8 tourist routes within the resort and the surrounding areas.
The local gastronomy differs little from that of the rest of the towns in the region, standing out for its wide selection of rice dishes, of which paella is its main speciality. Typical sweets include “braç d’ametla” (sweet rolls with almonds and egg), sweet potato cakes and “coques cristianes”.

For your Valencia train station transfer once you leave the train, our driver will be waiting for you with a Beniconnect sign, where you will be directed to where your vehicle are waiting to transfer you to your chosen destination in La Eliana.

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